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Kollektiv17 is a network of screen craftsmen whose common goal is to envision, create and design software.


Together with you, we will identify the perfect way to realize your project. You won’t have to put up with recycled ideas or a kit that does not 100 percent fit your needs. Since we work with various programming languages, frameworks and technologies, we can offer you an individual solution.


You work for an agency and need developers for a certain project? You have founded a start-up and you do not have your own programming team yet? You are working on “The Next Big Thing” and need technological support? Then Kollektiv17 is the right choice! We want to create awesome digital products with you, so we’re going to welcome you with open arms. We offer you fast and straightforward assistance and a flexible way of working.


We are a team of three developers, not an agency. Therefore we do not offer project management but pure development power. This means lower costs for your project and no unnecessary administrative burdens or complex hierarchies. You will be in direct contact with us and get quick feedback on questions and requests.


Your project needs further assistance, whether it be search engine optimization, illustrations, animations, or texts? Since we network quite a lot, we will definitely know the right person to do that for you. We are happy to expand our Kollektiv17 team for your project, but we can also simply connect you to the right person.


In terms of location, time and method of working we are very flexible: Your project does not need all our Kollektiv17 power, but only one or two of us? That’s okay. You want us to work completely remote? Or at your office? Or a mix of both? Everything is possible. Together we will find the best set-up for you, for us, and for your project.


We are a well-established team of developers – each of us with many years of experience both as a freelancer and in start-ups and companies. We have already been working together on many projects. Will and Simon have been fellow students. Jones and Will have been colleagues for several years at various start-ups. Therefore we know exactly how to co-work most efficiently. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

favorite activity:being creative
favorite beer:Pils 0.33, cool, on a day without any appointments
favorite soccer skill:shooting the ball right up in the corner
favorite key:enter
favorite beer:Giesinger Dunkel
favorite beer garden:am Bavariapark
favorite album:Radiohead - In Rainbows
favorite item:racing bike
favorite beer garden:saxophon

We are the collective17 – friends with shared values ​​and a vision. As a collective we share everything, because together, we are more.

Without hierarchies and ego trips, we make decisions and work towards an equal performance principle. We want to let off steam in software development, but also off the screen.

We would like to tell you personally about our projects and ideas. What is the “TGIF” for others, is called “Schorlen-Freitag” at our place. Join us in our office and enjoy Schorle of all kinds: juice spritzer, wine spritzer or beer spritzer, i.e. Radler. We’ll tell you what you always wanted to know about us!

You may not only be interested in the experiences we have gained as developers with new technologies. You might also want to know who scored the most goals in the last game of our amateur club, FC Tanke Harras. Or who is leading in our retro game challenge. We would like to tell you about all the inspiring people we met in the Munich start-up scene, and why we are still firmly rooted in the Impact Hub.

We are looking forward to your visit.

  • B. Sc. in Online Media
  • Own tech startup founded in 2010
  • experience with HTML5, CSS, React, Vue.js, WordPress, Typo3, modx, MySQL, MongoDB PHP, Adobe Suite, Sketch (UX, UI)

For a little diversion from work I like to do sports like playing football, tennis, squash or rowing – none of it on a professional level but everything with all my heart and dedication! I also like to discuss politics as well as social and environmental issues.

After living in Rhön, Furtwangen, Stuttgart, and Würzburg I ended up in Munich with my wife in 2015. For me, cycling to the city center every morning from the western part of Munich is the best way to start the day.

You can always treat me to a cold beer and an interesting conversation, join with me for a brainstorming about a great idea that could have a positive impact on the future, or challenge me in a sports game.

  • computer scientist
  • first apps published in 2010
  • experience with Android (Kotlin, Java), iOS (Swift), Vue.js (Javascript), Firebase, Spring, Unity 3d (C #), WordPress, mySQL, PHP, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, Flutter

To balance my work at the office I like to go snowboarding and cross-country skiing in winter and take my rubber boat down the Isar in summer or go windsurfing on Lake Starnberg. Whatever the season or the weather I always ride my bike to the office.

Several years I was on the lookout for the perfect cocktail recipe as a bartender in Stuttgart’s most beautiful rooftop bar. Today I’m dedicated to finding the perfect espresso.

You can always treat me to a good coffee, a Giesinger Dunkel or challenge me to a game of table football.

  • M.A. Interactive Media Systems (Mobile Experience)
  • Mobile Applications: iOS, Swift, Objective C, Android, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Dart, Firebase, CocoaPods, Realm, JQuery, Javascript, WordPress, PHP, SolR, HTML, Spring Boot, Docker, Git, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB

Code is power. Digital technologies have always been fascinating to me as there are no limits and great distances can be covered in milliseconds. As a developer, I want to use my knowledge and skills to create digital products that will have a positive impact on people’s lives. I believe that everyone’s biography is characterized by outstanding moments. “Wow” moments, I like to call them: When for a brief moment everything just falls into place and the path that lies ahead of you reveals itself. The direction becomes clear.

··· A small electric shock while working on a broken TV on your parents’ balcony ··· DOS commands on the old 386 PC of your uncle: C:\> cd spiele/lemmings C:\SPIELE\LEMMINGS> vgalemmi ··· Your PC’s 56k modem connecting with the internet ··· First semester, first beer with Simon, first lecture “design basics” ··· Feeling that you can enclose the whole internet by holding your iphone in your hand ··· First job with Jones in a tourism IT start-up as a mobile developer ··· Ups and downs teaching you to always get back on your feet in the business world ··· Kollektiv17 ···


Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 27
80331 München
E-Mail: info@kollektiv17.de

If you have any questions, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you. We are also happy to talk about our previous customers and projects and show something. We look forward to your message