We are the collective17 – friends with shared values ​​and a vision. As a collective we share everything, because together, we are more.

Without hierarchies and ego trips, we make decisions and work towards an equal performance principle. We want to let off steam in software development, but also off the screen.

We would like to tell you personally about our projects and ideas. What is the “TGIF” for others, is called “Schorlen-Freitag” at our place. Join us in our office and enjoy Schorle of all kinds: juice spritzer, wine spritzer or beer spritzer, i.e. Radler. We’ll tell you what you always wanted to know about us!

You may not only be interested in the experiences we have gained as developers with new technologies. You might also want to know who scored the most goals in the last game of our amateur club, FC Tanke Harras. Or who is leading in our retro game challenge. We would like to tell you about all the inspiring people we met in the Munich start-up scene, and why we are still firmly rooted in the Impact Hub.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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