Wilfried Pfilf

  • M.A. Interactive Media Systems (Mobile Experience)
  • Mobile Applications: iOS, Swift, Objective C, Android, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Dart, Firebase, CocoaPods, Realm, JQuery, Javascript, WordPress, PHP, SolR, HTML, Spring Boot, Docker, Git, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB

Code is power. Digital technologies have always been fascinating to me as there are no limits and great distances can be covered in milliseconds. As a developer, I want to use my knowledge and skills to create digital products that will have a positive impact on people’s lives. I believe that everyone’s biography is characterized by outstanding moments. “Wow” moments, I like to call them: When for a brief moment everything just falls into place and the path that lies ahead of you reveals itself. The direction becomes clear.

··· A small electric shock while working on a broken TV on your parents’ balcony ··· DOS commands on the old 386 PC of your uncle: C:\> cd spiele/lemmings C:\SPIELE\LEMMINGS> vgalemmi ··· Your PC’s 56k modem connecting with the internet ··· First semester, first beer with Simon, first lecture “design basics” ··· Feeling that you can enclose the whole internet by holding your iphone in your hand ··· First job with Jones in a tourism IT start-up as a mobile developer ··· Ups and downs teaching you to always get back on your feet in the business world ··· Kollektiv17 ···

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